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Saddle Outfitters is proud to  offer Specialized Saddles

The Saddles with the "Adjustable Fit"

Demo Saddles Available

Small weekly fee to test ride one of our saddles.

You can perfect the fit to any horse's back with the use of Inter-changable Shim pads.  Adjust the rock, flair and width of the saddle to fit each of your horses perfectly.

Endurance,  Western or English Models

Prices start at $1595.00


Many options available.  Color, Size, Fenders, Stirrups, Tooling, Seats etc.

Specialized Features


Our patented adjustable fit is accomplished three ways!
Pad position:  changes width in a "snap".  Pad thickness: neoprene pads come in four thicknesses.  Shims: add arch or "rock" to fit horses with more dip in their back, and shims come in four thicknesses.  Saddle Fitting DVD available.

Call to request 406-961-1363


Made From Finest quality leather with oil tan leather seat and billet liners and soft european leather for seat, over two layers of memory foam which contours to shape of your seat.


1 1/2 inch stirrup leathers and 1  inch cinch straps are both made from soft non-stretch never rot BIOTHANE. No "break-in" required.


Three Stirrup positions allow for forward, balanced, or centered stirrup position.



Beveled wedge shims which come in four sizes let you adjust the angle of fitting pads to fit slope of your horses shoulder or loin. Flat shim strips also come in four thickness to let you change the arch to fit horses with dips behind the shoulders.

Fitting your horse perfectly is as simple as 1, 2, 3!!

Gaited Horses are one of the biggest benefactors of our Specialized Saddle 3-D fitting system. Since gaited horses give FEEDBACK in their movement, gaited horse owners see the difference a perfect saddle fit can make. No more pinched shoulders or bridging.

Gaited Horses come in many different shapes and sizes. No traditional non-adjustable saddle can fit all gaited horses, despite many brands which claim to do so. However with the patented 3-D fitting of our saddles, that allow easy adjustments of width, arch, and angle- a perfect fit and better movement is now a reality for any gaited horse.

Our SOFT SEATS are another reason to choose Specialized Saddles, WE guarantee comfort for both the horse and rider!

Perfect seat position with three leg positions, centered, balance or forward, is another big reason Specialized Saddles are becoming the saddles of choice for gaited horse owners.

Call us to discuss your fitting options.




Adjustable Fit Saddles
Specialized Saddles

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