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Would you run in wooden shoes? Why do you expect your horse to?
Traditional saddles use a solid tree made from wood or other synthetic hard materials which are placed directly on the horse's back. This tree provides stability for the rider because it provides a solid base to sit on. When made correctly it can also be comfortable - for the rider, however the story is much different from the horse's point of view. When this traditional solid tree is girthed to the horse it is acts as a splint on the horse's spine, not to mention the additional pressure when a rider climbs on! The horse quickly learns to limit their movement to avoid the pressure and pain that can be caused by a solid tree saddle. Traditional saddles when not fitted properly also can cause pressure points or rubbing problems which lead to saddle soring, due to the saddle not allowing free movement for the horse. Because traditional saddles generally do not have a large enough surface area to spread the weight of the rider comfortably on the horse's back, this means additional pounds per square inch are being applied to the horse's muscles which can impede his performance. Timberline saddles solve this problem. The PANELS spread the riders weight over a much larger area, so less pounds pressure per square inch = Happy Horses! Finally, Timberline Saddle Company has a real solution to the SADDLE FIT BLUES!!



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Every saddle has a 5 day ride/fit guarantee. If you AND your horse don't love it, return it for a refund minus the shipping fees. We try to keep a large selection of NEW & DEMO saddles in inventory for people to TEST RIDE.   For this reason we have had to implement a 6% restocking fee for returns when the purchase is made with a credit card. The credit card companies charge their fees up front and do not refund them in the event of a return. We apologize for this inconvenience. No restocking fee applies with check or money order purchases on saddles. If you still prefer to use a credit card and want to avoid the possible 6% fee, we do accept Paypal. Custom saddle orders are NON REFUNDABLE. We do our best to make certain your CUSTOM saddle is perfect the first time, however if we miss something we will repair or exchange "at our discretion". Please contact us for more information or if you have questions. We are your Flex Panel Saddle Experts and can help you select the saddle that will work best for your riding activities and your horse.

New and Custom Saddles
Mile High Ranch Saddle Outfitters New Saddles

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